166: leroy (beautiful melody)

this melody reminds me of something. some old cartoon i watched as a child. no, don’t stop, keep playing. it’s soothing, even though i can’t remember it perfectly. do you recognize it? are you improvising? just keep looping that, it’s beautiful. you’re beautiful. i hope i tell you that enough. you need to know. you’re beautiful, stunning, captivating. your fingers so lithe on the piano keys. you’re so perfect. you’re the kind of woman i want to make pancakes for in the morning, you know what i mean? i want you to wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon. that’s just unheard of, i hate cooking and i hate breakfast food. i know i’m weird like that. trust me, there are other things about me that you could like if you wanted. life isn’t all about breakfast food, is it? i don’t know. people talk about bacon all the time. it’s okay. but i’ll cook it for you. i’d make you anything you want. just keep playing, it’s beautiful, i swear it sounds like a cartoon i used to watch on saturday morning. really jaunty, something … wait, this is the pokemon theme! you sly devil, you slowed it down. is it weird that i am really turned on right now?

By Josh

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