165: tracey (liquor problem)

justin hid every god damn liquor bottle in the house. hid them! now that’s not fair, that’s really not fair. if you think i have a problem then let’s talk, let’s talk it out, but for fuck’s sake, don’t make me fish for a fifth of vodka out of the toilet tank, please. don’t dehumanize me like that. i’m an adult and i can do what i want, and i want to slowly destroy my liver. that’s my choice. that’s my responsibility. you can hate that and you can hate me and you can tell me to stop but in the end, it’s my choice. it’s my choice! and i bought that fucking liquor, you hear me? i bought it, it’s mine, i want to drink it all. now i have toilet water hands. i know that water is clean, it’s not like anyone took a shit in the toilet tank but still. it’s dehumanizing. it makes me feel like shit. i’m a human being karen, i know what i’m doing is wrong but i want to do it and you absolutely cannot stop me. so please get out of my house and find a better way to stage an intervention. you and justin can talk to mom and bring dr phil in here or whatever the fuck it is people do. just let me drink in peace. also if you could get justin to tell me where the spiced rum is, that would be great. it tastes great with dr pepper. thanks.

By Josh

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