163: larson (protecting the kid)

how many of these guys have they thrown at you? eight? twelve? looks like a lot. and look, now they’re all dead, or dying. [BLAM] or dead. it’s good, you’ve got some power there, kid. it’s raw and unstable, but it’s there. seething underneath your skin. that’s why i’m here. [BLAM] god damn, sometimes you think they’re dead and they just pop up like that. human resilience is amazing, isn’t it? that’s why you gotta step on their [he slams on a dead body’s genitals, the body doesn’t move] junk. people gotta protect their bits, you know what i mean? that’s how you know they’re still alive. instinctively flinch to protect their balls.

so. looks like you grew up in about fifteen minutes. what are you, eight? nine? certainly don’t like you’ve ever kissed a girl. it’s okay. i’m larson, i’m your protector until we get to the citadel. yes, that┬ácitadel. it’s important that we get the hell out of here as soon as possible, alright? things are scary right now but you have to get up so we can get out of here, before reinforcements arrive. these guys have an endless supply of mercenaries they can send after you. and they will. which is why you need the citadel. so come on, get up, god you look like a mess, i’m sorry about all the blood, don’t worry about your shoes, come on, let’s go, let’s go!

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