161: kev

kelsea, for fuck’s sake, stop wasting all this food. look at all this shit in the fridge i had to throw out, leftovers and shit. this pizza box with one slice taken out? look at all this pizza you wasted! i know it was you because nobody else eats this weird sriracha pizza you like. why do you do this? i know you hate leftovers, i know it! just don’t buy so much goddamn food, it’s a huge waste! buy a slice of pizza. buy, get like half a chipotle. stop buying all this food and then throwing it out. jesus fuck. i hate to be cliche but there are children in africa who are starving to death. you know? children in africa. i’m gonna start eating your leftovers, okay? the moment you’re done with your food let me know and i will eat it. and if you don’t like that, tough shit, i’m not letting you waste food anymore. you’re basically buying me dinner at this point. thank you for buying me dinner, it saves me a lot of money in the long run. stop leaving all the lights on in every room in the house, by the way. you turn the lights on when it’s broad daylight streaming into the room. what good does that do? you keep doing all these behavioral things and everyone in the house is like STOP IT. i hate to harp on you but fucking stop it. your actions affect other people. don’t forget that.

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