158: marvin

jon took every piece of furniture out of this house and burned it. burned it! fucking burned it that son of a bitch. well now he’s definitely on my shit list for sure. what the hell do we do with that guy? besides call the police, i mean. obviously we have to call the police. this guy is no longer our friend, and even if his arson was related to his weird head disease, it doesn’t change the fact that we no longer have furniture. or a friend, for that matter. shit. what do we do? change the locks? we should change the locks. call the police first, then call a locksmith, then if jon comes by maybe we could try talking to him. i don’t want him to go to jail or anything but we should make sure he knows that burning our furniture is a bad idea. he’s a good guy, really. right? he’s a good guy? i mean, we can’t–he’s our friend, he’s been our friend for over a decade. just because he’s got a few screws loose in his noggin. right? we have to be there for him. right? come on. he probably sleeps on the sidewalk for chrissakes, maybe, maybe he was upset because he didn’t have¬†any furniture. he’s hurting inside, guys. he’s hurting. no it doesn’t excuse what he did but we should at least give him a chance, right guys? right?



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