152: geneva

[whispers] don’t take this the wrong way, but … do you have halitosis? you see the size of this room? everyone in this room can smell your odor. it doesn’t smell like body odor though, so i’m just wondering … halitosis? bad breath? if so i have some of these breath strips, you put them on your tongue and … hey, i’m talking to you! this is very important. you’ve disrupted the perfectly fine air in this room with your rank breath. i know, it’s hard to deal with halitosis, but if you expect us all to put up your terrible stench you have another thing coming, mister. life isn’t fair, okay? life deals us these terrible cards that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. life gave you halitosis, you have to deal with that. life gave me an itchy pussy, that’s what i have to deal with. no STDs or anything just it itches all the time, my gyno can’t figure out what’s going on. ┬áso every time i have sex with a gentleman occasionally i have to tell him to hold on while i scratch my labia. sometimes i make him angle his dick so he can scratch my vaginal canal with his penile head. look the important thing is that your problems are yours and yours alone–they are not ours. so get your stinky breath out of here and get some listerine or something. come on man!

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