150: captain shiver

dead. they’re all dead. jesus christ. what the fuck happened here? central, if you can hear me, i’m about fifty meters inside the shell and it’s chaos here. people are dead left and right, and their body parts strewn around like they were blown apart. i can’t even count how many dead, it’s … tremendous. most look like they were just dismembered, there are torsos and arms and legs. oxygen level outside the shell is normal, but inside, it’s 45% more saturated. i haven’t had contact with the other crew since 0400, i don’t know if they’re still alive. central, something fucked up is going on in here. these body parts were in the shell before it attached, nobody has been in here besides me as ¬†far as i know … there’s blood everywhere. central you gotta get marines here, ASAP. this room’s making me feel woozy, like .. maybe it’s the extra oxygen or something. i’m gonna leave. i have to leave. this is–oh fuck the entrance is closed. central can you hear me? central? captain shiver to central, come in. please come in central, i’ve got a serious problem here, i have a SERIOUS PROBLEM– [sound cuts out. static]

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