146: erma

joe was, i don’t know, six foot, six foot two, maybe a hundred and eight pounds. kind of a big guy, muscular, you know, he was a farm boy so he always had this big broad shoulders and arms from baling hay and such. and i … i saw him grow, you know? i saw him age, i saw him go through high school. so this accusation, it just doesn’t make sense. also, i’ll tell ya, he was on the football team in high school, the varsity team in his senior year, he was a linebacker and he’d come home from games with bumps and bruises. he’s broken his arm, not from football but from skiing. i saw it, i was there, it was up on brundage, he hit a tree, his arm caught the tree trunk and it broke his arm. i mean i saw it, saw him get in the ambulance, met him at the hospital, i saw them set the bone, and i don’t think robots have bones, mack. so i don’t know. this all seems really sketchy. i know people are scared of bots and all that but joe was no bot, so why’d he get killed, mack? i’ve never met a nicer man in my life, just a down home type of fellow, ever since he was a little boy. senseless that he was killed, just senseless. joe reynolds was a lot of things, a lot of wonderful things, but he was no robot, you hear me? and you can quote me on that in your little newspaper.

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