honey bunches of oats. motherFUCKING honey bunches of oats. give me a better cereal. i fucking dare you. maybe you’re a purist, maybe you eat cheerios or goddamn rice krispies. you’re a coward. maybe you’re a diabetic from eating lucky charms or cocoa puffs. but is there a cereal out there that perfectly balances sweet and savory better than honey bunches of oats? NO THERE IS NOT. the only thing i can think that comes anywhere close is golden grahams, but those are still too sweet. (fucking delicious, but too sweet.) so you come here into my house asking me for some cereal, which i am happy to give you, but then you have the GALL to BALK at the idea of honey bunches of oats, the most delicious of cereals, crunching happily between your teeth?! you come into my house…?! i can’t believe this bullshit. get out. get out of my house and don’t come back until you can respect MY cereal!

By Josh

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