142: old toby

it’s killing thousands of people, whatever this mutation is. it’s gotten into the bloodstream and can be transmitted through simple skin contact. in fact it acts like it doesn’t work until you touch another human being, then, there’s something about the transmission that activates it. that’s why i’ve got the gloves, that’s why i’m clothed head to toe. they, the government, they advocated this, you can see the funding in earmarks in hundreds of bills over the past twenty years. after MK ultra was dropped they started funding biological warfare, they developed cancer, sean, they developed cancer. they can kill the president with a heart attack, what makes you think they wouldn’t be able to do it through a simple handshake? these people are plotting the downfall of america, one cancer at a time. so. you can forgive me not giving you a hug. i know it’s been a while but i value your life and i know you value mine, so let’s not give each other malignant cancer.

By Josh

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