141: leonard

you’ve got all these people running down the street. just a mass of people, running away. now, where you gonna go? you gonna go with ’em? you gonna run against ’em, see what’s going on? who knows. it’s a snap judgment. it’s a, you gotta just trust your instincts, sure, but if you run away, knowing what you know, you’d be doing all these people a huge disservice. so you gotta go back, you gotta go against ’em, run in there and help. maybe you die. maybe. thing is, your consciousness is the only one you know. we, in this country, we idolize individuality, you know. we worship ourselves. ain’t nothing wrong with that, as far as i’m concerned. you worship whatever you want so long as it doesn’t interfere with my life. except … when it’s just you you’re worrying about, the plight, uh … empathy, that’s it, empathy goes out the window. so all these people running down the street and you gotta remember that they got lives, they got families, they got people who care about them. and people care about you too, but you’re just one person. so if you die then these other people live. you gotta put yourself in their shoes, you gotta think like them, think about what they’d think about. and you … look in their eyes when they’re running, you look at that terror in their eyes when they’re running, and that’s when you know. you gotta go in. you just gotta go in.

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