140: jasmine

judy, you’re dressed inappropriately. take that skirt off, i can see the bottom of your ass for chrissakes. and that god awful nose ring, why do you still wear that thing? do all women these days want to look like bulls? why would you do these horrific things to your body? this is something you’d want your mother to see? dressed like a whore and a cow at the same time, i’ll be damned. oh and before your “rebuttal” about how overtly sexist i’m being, please remind yourself that not only am i woman, but that i’ve been one for thirty more years than you have, so whatever thoughts you have regarding “progressive” ideology have already been thought, over and over again, before you were born, before i was born. hell, the minute mankind realized there was no need to worship god we started taking our clothes off. but those thoughts, that ideology, is one thing. that’s up here [taps head], in your easily led brain. down here [motions to crotch] is a different story. you can’t stop a man from wanting that. it’s biological. there’s a switch in his brain that makes him pursue that, because he’s got all this jizz up in his balls and if he doesn’t use it, it’ll go to waste and then it’s like he’s going to waste. do you see what i mean? some women may have told you that you can use your sex to lead men on and get them to do things for you. well, you can, but you don’t need to dress like a whore to do it. you give a man an opportunity to fuck and he’ll take it, no matter what the cost, because his dumb animal brain just needs to pump that semen into a woman’s body. i know you think there’s a higher brain function there but even if there is, that animal brain trumps it every time. i’m all for feminism and women’s rights, i just also know from experience that man’s goal in life is to fuck, and if he sees you in that skirt with your ass hanging out like that, he will pursue you and try to fuck you. you try to prove me wrong, judy. you go right ahead.

By Josh

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