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138: the history of a nervous path (fawm 2016)

i’m overcompensating i can tell
to all these people i don’t know so well
when i’m around you it’s a whole different story
about a man who doesn’t feel like a phony

i took a valium so i could seem
all put together like a human being
my skin was crawling i kept on calling
and by the end i was buh buh buh bawling

find me a nook in your heart
remind me that i’m not crazy
no one will ever find out
the steps i took to leave the house

sending my food order back
tripping on the tipping math
you just bought majority shares
in the history of a nervous path

pull my leg to find me in fresh air
at the mall and i’m pulling out my hair
i took a chance because i need you beside me
even if that means i’m stuck in a macy’s

fluorescent lights nick my pallid skin
can’t remember when i last breathed in
i’m feeling dizzy this place is busy
find me a bench and something fuh fuh fuh fizzy

i know i’m crushing your day
sadly you see me sighing
can’t comprehend what i say
i’m doing all i can to drive you away

never once answer my phone
twenty steps to take a bath
you just bought majority shares
in the history of a nervous path

so many fish in the sea
why did you choo choo choose me
i’m just a bag of nervous e e energy y y
sleep til the sunset’s over
spend the night seeking closure
finding no answers here
nobody knows the answers here
another day disappears
and i’m just as foggy as before

By Josh

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