136: carlos

let’s think about this rationally for a second, alright? let’s just take a deep breath and think about this. you’ve got some kind of vendetta against me, against my family, sure, okay, that’s understandable, i know my father fucked you over big time. but revenge like this? really? is this really how you want things to go down? because, this isn’t some kind of game here, pete. this is the real world, and your actions will have consequences. you kill me and you’re starting a war. you kill anyone in my family and you’re starting a war. you touch a hair on my daughter’s head and i will personally rip out your tongue and shove it up your own ass. that’s what we’re talking about here, pete. this is the scale of things. you want vengeance, you better find it somewhere else, some*how* else, because murder’s just going to beget murder, and instant gratification begets the eradication of your entire family. trust me on this one, pete. put that gun down. take a deep breath. turn around. find out what makes my father tick. find out what that hot button is. and press it. press it as hard as you can. i think you know what it is already. that’s how you get revenge in the modern day, pete. not physical death, but financial death.

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