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130: cut it unborn (fawm 2016)

i’ve got a feeling deep inside
and it’s bubbling up
gotta stitch myself together
or i’m gonna go nuts
if you wanna hear me cry
just step in the queue
i’ve got tear ducts that mack trucks
could drive right through

like a zygote in your belly
splitting rapidly
hope this feeling doesn’t put me through

cut it unborn

there’s a 6/8 shuffle
in the back of my head
it’s the incessant pounding
that’ll knock me dead
i’ve got a bellyache
like a bellyacher should
you built a pyre round me baby
and i supplied the wood

like a virus that has entered
a healthy cell
i’ve got bad superstition
like a warning bell

cut it unborn

i took a potion
i swallowed it down
tried to eliminate
this nasty-ass frown
it worked for a moment
but when i awoke
whatever i was feeling
went from specific to a broad stroke

now i’m casing the city
looking for a cure
someone to hold my hand
to make me feel pure

cut it unborn

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