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129: my sophisticated feast square (fawm 2016)

dim the lights it’s 2525
and the human race is glad to be alive
after the bombs fell
and nearly killed us

gather round and open your iron lungs
pick from packages green blue or brown
set it right on your stomach
and thank god for

my sophisticated feast square
all the nutrients i need are in there
my sophisticated feast square
i have no teeth
i have no hair

try to keep from making a single sound
there are too many bandits running around
and they’ve got the weapons
so keep it quiet

here’s a straw to suck down your pasty mush
you’ve got all day you don’t need to rush
enjoy all the flavors
and thank god for


your ancestors once ate real food
that they grew out of the ground
but the desert is a wasteland
and there’s not a single plant to be found
you’re the endpoint of a bad day
try not to make that your only takeaway
soon these squares will not be enough
and you’ll pass away just like everyone else does!

settle back you’re in for an awful trip
keep the bubbles out of your iv drip
try not to panic
it’s just existence

think about the future you’d like to lead
one where actual produce is used to feed
all of the people
but until then
thank god for!


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