267monologues lyrics

128: you touch me (fawm 2016)

i came alive
when you pulled my strings
you held me up
and we danced to everything
we kissed and all
my worries melted
i missed the softness
of your lips

these moonlit skies
never looked so starry
til i saw them in
reflections in your eyes
keep your cheek
close to my chest
let me feel you breathing
on my neck

you touch me
and i feel starlight in my veins
swirled around
and on my tongue what remains
i speak to you
with love and understanding
you touch me
and i find life less demanding

please find my voice
among these passing strangers
and hold it above
for it is tuned to angels
and it can
feel your wingspan growing
i sing
to soothe your troubled heart

these are the words
written on lined paper
that i put to chords
and i sang to woo you
i hope
our hearts define collusion
let’s start
with all the love divine

i was waiting for this moment
sleeping in my own mistakes
hoping one day i would wake up
next to someone who’d ease my heartache

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