124 (a dream)

you turn to the television screen. on it is a older man with graying hair, breathing heavily. it’s a medium shot, you see above his torso. he’s wearing dark eye shadow. in front of him, out of focus, is the upper half of a young woman’s face moving back and forth. she’s wearing pigtails. he’s fucking her, doggystyle, but that’s all beneath the shot. behind him is a swirling rainbow light pattern, reminiscent of the 60s. no music, just him panting and her silent, emotionless. the soft slap of his body against hers. eventually her head dips below the screen as she rests her upper body on the bed. he just keeps fucking her. he looks a little distressed; this wasn’t the easy job he thought it would be. the act is tiring him out and he’s panting harder and harder. the rainbow pattern swirls faster and faster. he’s giving her his all. she pops back into frame, looks back at him. “do you want to rest?” she asks in a soft, low, caring voice. he shakes his head no, and sweat droplets fly off his face and onto her body. he grunts and keeps going. she looks into the camera. she knows it’s there but has no problem with it. he keeps fucking her. the rainbow swirl slowly slightly. he brings his arm up to his face and wipes his brow with it. swears softly. she says quietly, “come baby, come baby, i want you to come,” and her voice is more girlish than before. he says “more, more,” and she says loudly,” come baby, i want you to come so deep inside me,” and you can see his body slow down as the urge to come fills his entire being. he comes, hard, and almost growls as his body shudders. he collapses onto her back. she is moaning, but more of pleasing him than of pleasure. she pulls away from him and lies on the bed, out of frame. he flops down beside her. the rainbow swirl flicks off. the camera stops.

By Josh

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