123: terry

if i finance this project, i want only one thing: co-starring role as the wisecracking sidekick. who’s the star? the rock? dwayne “the rock” johnson? then what about me as the five-foot-eight, 120 pounds, pale as the day is long, wise ass sidekick who always knows the best quips to sling at the bad guys. it’s basically typecasting. guy gets caught stealing from an ice cream truck, and i say, “looks like just went down a *rocky road*.” you get it? it’s the name of a popular ice cream flavor! it’s so perfect, i’m willing to fully finance this project so long as i get to say all the cool stuff after the rock gets the bad guy. he, he, he just took down a guy who was parasailing and then i say, “looks like the next place you’ll be sailing to is *prison*.” get it? get it? god it’ll be so great, yeah, i’ll give you five million now and the rest when i get a script. i can’t wait to be a part of this. the rock nabs a bad optometrist and i’m like, “i’ll *see* you in hell,” get it because of EYES.

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