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120: ohio hurts an america thought (fawm 2016)

everyone’s talking out their ass today
gotta find a new group of friends
eighteen, stuck in the middle of nowhere
akron, ohio!

myriad of hours to while away
working at the lonely hardees
on the east side
taking smoke breaks in the parking lot
and not just tobacco!

pack my aging backpack to the brim
board the train heading west
watch the sun streak by in an empty sky
i am longing for a new life
longing for one
let me go

might as well go to university
smack dab in the middle of town
21 and i’m a freshman in
akron ohio!

studying business like the bourgeoisie
working mornings at the einstein brothers bagels
i’ll never see a coast on either side
no matter what i do

jab my thumb out onto the interstate
hope i’ll hook a ride to portland
maine or oregon i don’t care
i’m just longing for a new life
longing for one
help me go

all these years i thought
i could run away
but i’m stuck in the middle
felt my roots grow deep
i keep losing sleep
i am grasping for a new life
grasping for one
let me go

standing knee deep in a mortgage
wife kids and a couple of dogs
55 and finding peace here in
akron ohio!

tryina loosen all this baggage
take a couple swings at the brookledge golf course
my handicap is high but i’m alive
in akron ohio!

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