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117: alphabet with nothin (fawm 2016)

you’re always talking in complete sentences
but i still wonder what you’re saying
you’re speaking in an alphabet with nothin
but gutteral parlance
and not as much conveying
it’s hard to form a bond
when it’s impossible to respond
so won’t you help me out
and start speaking english baby

sometimes when you make the bed i’m seething
cause who cares if a bed is made
it’s not like the rest of our life looks perfect
the bed’s just a place where we get laid
the mess is where i thrive
it reminds me that i’m alive
so won’t you help me out
and leave all that shit alone

pancakes are a sucker’s breakfast i swear
they just fill you up too fast
sausage and a waffle, two eggs, hashbrowns
now there is a meal that’s built to last
so here’s where i went wrong
you were my pancakes all along
so won’t you help me out
and be better breakfast baby

judy heard your mother say that one day
you’d die in a burning building
seems a little harsh in hindsight
though at the time i agreed with everything
and i would start the fire
yeah i’d build the biggest pyre
so won’t you help me out
and give me a reason not to

nothing is as good as you think it is
it’s all just a goddamn shitpile
take a step away from facebook
see how your clothes make you look so juvenile
life has no meaning
we’re all gonna die
so won’t you help me out
and die first!

la la la la

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