i don’t talk a lot. because people respond to you when you say things. i mean, like, physical response. atomic response. what i say is waves that interact with the atoms in your body. and these things build up. so when i talk about how great my day is, my words charge through the atmosphere to you and reverberate against you, hopefully in some positive way. same with negative stuff. i spent a lot of time talking shit, spewing shit out of my mouth and making people feel bad, and once i realized how bad i was making people feel, i tried to be more positive, to speak more positively. and it worked, for a time. but then that positivity felt false, felt like i was making it up. felt unclean. not true. and truth is important to me. if you are anything in your life, be true, be honest, and don’t be afraid of that honesty. so i … stopped talking. because i couldn’t lie to people. i stopped talking. right now i’ve been talking more than the past six months combined. my throat hurts. i want my words to mean something, not be used against you. that’s why i’m quiet.

By Josh

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