111: johnny

you know, you’re blaming dad for all of this like he was some atom bomb that blew up our family. and maybe he did, maybe he caused all of this chaos and disorder like a blustery tornado–i mean he did. he did do that. but see, life is never about action, it’s about reaction. it’s about how to you react to variables. his reaction to life and mom and kelly spencer and all that shit was to become this firestorm that set this house ablaze for twenty years, like an old pile of tires. his reaction becomes the action that you react to. do you understand? and your reaction is your life. how you react to things is your life. now, look at me. i’m only two years older than you, ted, and i lived through the maelstrom of this family too. and i used it. my reaction, my response, was to channel bullshit into something more productive. i took that energy and i–don’t roll your eyes at me, ted, you know i’m right–i took that energy and went to LA and look at me now. you, on the other hand, decided to react by becoming basically an inert version of dad, like this milquetoast alcoholic who can’t even be bothered to get out of bed in the morning. that was your decision, and you made it years ago. the shitty part is, even if this is real and there’s money in this house, it’s not gonna change what you’re going to do with it.

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