110: harold

what did you do? who fucking knows. who knows what those people are hunting you for. all i know is that you’re here, now, and if you take a step outside of this house you’ll be torn to shreds, so you just hang tight and i’ll make you some dinner. you like chili? i had a pot slow cooking already. some cornbread in the oven too, just, you know, simple shit. i also have some maker’s mark in that cupboard next to you, i don’t think it would hurt for either of us to drink until we pass out tonight. see boy, i don’t know what you did but they do, and they think it’s bad enough to hunt you down and see you drawn and quartered in the middle of the street. hell, if i didn’t have such a good heart i might toss you out to them, just for the reward money. oh yeah, i know about the reward. everyone knows about the reward money. but i think morals and ethics are important, so i refuse to take you anywhere until i know if what you’ve done deserves you being murdered in the street. and besides. i know what you can do, and i might … have need of your services. so. a little bit of leverage. my apologies.

By Josh

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