108: a donald trump supporter

donald trump for fucking mayor of the universe! look you may not like his politics but you gotta admire the man for speaking his opinion, you know what i mean? that guy doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks, he just speaks the truth. i love him so much i’m gonna gay marry him! yeah you heard me! i’m gonna gay marry him and take him back to my apartment in astoria and we’re gonna have the hottest gay man sex you’ve ever seen! i’m gonna gay sex him so hard actual gay men will start to wonder if they’re actually gay. and then when we’re done he and i are gonna take a vacation to the hamptons and watch squirrels from the comfort of our bed and breakfast’s back porch. i love trump so much. i love him so, so much. donald i love you and i want you to be president and i want you to gay marry me so i can wake up every morning and sew your hair back onto your head. you know, the way you like it. i want to lick the tip of your big huge dong until you spew gallons of cum all over my entire body, and then cocoon myself in that cum and emerge six weeks later as a brilliant gay butterfly. donald you have to become president, you just have to! i’ve never had an erection as hard or as big as when i think about you standing behind a podium with the emblem of the president of the united states on it, just looking so regal oh god it stirs a feeling inside of me i frankly didn’t know i had. i … i’m having trouble breathing. please call an ambulance, i think i’m having a heart attack.

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