104: joanna

you know, i could throw all of your stuff away right now if i wanted. i could toss it all on the street and your life would still be the same. how do you feel about that? all you need is food and water and a place on the floor to sleep these days. you’re like a goddamn ascetic, like a, a, a fucking … monk. except here’s the thing: you need me. you need me to function, so no matter how aloof you are, at some point your tummy will rumble and you’ll come crawling back to me. i mean, what do you do all day, seriously? you sleep and you stare out the window. at what? your life passing you by? i know you think it’s my fault–i keep you locked in here after all–but you could still be active with your day, you know? god damn it. all the things i do for you! all the time invested, going to the store to buy your food, taking you to the vet because you ate a goddamn marshmallow peep for some dumb reason, and all you’re going to do is stare at me with this vacant look in your eyes! YOU’RE NOT JUST A CAT! YOU’RE MY CAT! AND I DEMAND RESPECT FROM YOU! this isn’t a democracy or a, or a monarchy where you’re the fucking queen of shit mountain! i OWN you. i’ve ALWAYS owned you. I FUCKING BOUGHT YOU FROM A GUY IN VANCOUVER. i — where you going? where the fuck are you going? DON’T WALK AWAY FROM ME–

By Josh

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