097: sean

i’m driving through the woods, right, in this really amazing ford thunderbird. 1957, 1956 maybe. gorgeous, cherry red, all shiny and shit. white vinyl seats with lipstick red trim, all that good stuff. and this baby purrs, even going up to 70, 80 miles per hour, just hums like a kitten. kelly’s in the passenger seat and she looks beautiful, she looks like a million bucks, she gives helen of troy a run for her money. she’s using the mirror on the back of the sun shade thing to freshen up her makeup, pursing her lips and using her pinky finger to take off excess lipstick and eye shadow. she turns and looks at me occasionally and laughs gleefully, kicking her heels against the floor of the car, and sometimes she pulls a silver flask from between her breasts and pulls from it. she hands it to me. i pull from it. we’re in love as fuck.

but the woods are dark and we get lost and end up stopping in the middle of nowhere, on the side of the road. kelly’s giggly but i can see the fear in her eyes. i tell her it’s gonna be alright and she shooes me away playfully, saying, “i know, silly.” and then i look out and the woods are like, i dunno, like they’re underwater, and the trees are undulating, the ground is roiling, it’s like a bad trip or something. i look back to kelly and she’s gone. the door’s open and she has run off, and now the car is full of water. and i’m underwater. i suddenly feel the need to hold my breath.

i’m drowning, and i’m alone, and this whole time i’m thinking, “god i could use a drink.” so i swim out of the car and i’m underwater now, and i can see kelly’s dress shimmering in the darkness, she’s swimming toward me and she has a cigarette in her mouth which is lit. underwater. that kind of shit drives me nuts.

she swims up to me and tries to speak but her words are bubbles, like the bubbles have words in them but it’s a dream so they’re all gibberish. at this point i remember i’m drowning and start struggling to breathe, which is when she comes up to me and kisses me, and while she kisses me she breathes into my mouth and for a second i feel this surge of life, the water is bright and i’m closing my eyes in the dream and it feels wonderful and then i open my eyes and i’m kissing kelly’s corpse.

and then i wake up. and i remember she’s dead. and i get up and start to make breakfast.

By Josh

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