096: chuck

jack fucking squat. i’ve been looking for hours and found jack fucking squat. you know aunt darlene’s gonna flip her shit when she sees what we’ve done to this place, right? she is going to murder us and stuff us in the holes we’ve made in the walls. hell i’m surprised i haven’t found any bones in here in the first place. nothing but insulation and old newspapers and the occasional bird’s nest. this is nuts, we’ve been led on a wild goose chase which i think is darlene’s way of getting us to tear this old shitty house down without having to pay for it. and all for what? money? jewelry? dad’s old porn stash? who fucking knows. all i can say is my hands hurt from tearing at drywall and itch from the insulation, so i’m done. if you want to get rich, go ahead, but i’m done. i don’t believe any of this bullshit anyway, it’s all you but for some reason you’ve decided to get drunk instead of help. just perched on your talons waiting to snipe the treasure away from me. fuck you! go find it yourself you dumb cunt. i’m done, you hear me? I’M DONE!

By Josh

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