095: sgt haskins, terran planetary alliance

the seats are fitted with a parachute. once the cockpit started to break apart there was a rupture in the oxygen tank which caused it to explode. i don’t remember much of what happened afterward, but the medical logs from dr takahashi suggest that the tank or the pressure of the oxygen released hit me in my left side, meanwhile the cockpit itself broke apart, launching my seat into the atmosphere. i’m not sure what happened to the others. i must’ve been conscious enough to “eject” myself from the remnants of the cockpit, which in turn triggered the parachute altitude sensor, which opened at approximately 2500 meters from the ground. i was unconscious and still strapped into the seat when the paramedics arrived. i don’t remember any of this; my next memory was waking up in the ICU. the others … i mean you can see the photos for yourself. they didn’t make it. i don’t know why they didn’t try to eject. my best guess is that the oxygen tank explosion knocked them unconscious, or even killed them right then. i just happened to be very, very lucky, and i am keenly aware of that, every time i breathe.

as to the allegations of sabotage, i can’t speak to that one way or another. every test i performed was green, including the second op tests i did for the other crew. i am aware of lt gustov’s extremist leanings. i knew nothing about it up until five days into the mission, nor did any of the rest of the crew, or anyone on the ground. none of us knew. now that we know in the aftermath, i don’t think it answers the question as to if the mission was sabotaged. to be honest, i think the capsule just couldn’t handle the stress of reentry, which i think is more of an issue for angel corp, who have routinely skimped on quality building materials, fudged quality assurance test results on multiple occasions, and who have connections with our government so deep, it’s nearly impossible to untangle them from the space program. so, despite lt gustov’s political leanings, i would be surprised if he had any involvement in the breakup of the galatian over earth space, unless he is somehow involved with the biggest mishandled corporation on the planet. all i know is that lt gustov was a good friend during our six months in orbit and that his death, slamming into the ground at terminal velocity, was completely and utterly unwarranted.

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