094: gus

i’ve fucked my way to the top and i’ve fucked my way to the bottom and i’ve fucked my way to the side and let me tell you, none of those fucks were as good as the fuck i’ve had just now. simply exquisite! your pussy is like a fine aged wine, mmmm, god, just thinking about diving back into that flesh yacht has my johnson hard as a goddamn rock! do you realize what you’ve done to me, bertha? you’ve made me love life again! i could dance on the fucking table i’m so excited. you stirred things in my cock that have never been stirred before, and coming inside of you was like attaching angels wings to my balls. hot damn! you drained me of my seed and filled me with this intense desire to be happy. it really feels good. before this i fucked just to fill that lonely hole in my soul. god. god damn. everything’s different now, bertha. i’m no longer a husk of a man, i’m a full blooded fuck device, bertha. what do i have to do now, marry you? is that what you want? cause i will do it, i’ll do it right now. of course i’ll pay you what i owe for the night but then let’s go to vegas and get married, let’s get married and then fuck every night, i’m a good guy, i can shower you with money, presents, jewelry, whatever you want! i just need a woman like you in my life, a woman who knows how to extract all the goodness from my dick, filling me with a joy i didn’t even know was possible! ugh it’s so great! i feel so great! bertha come on, let’s get married.

[bertha snores]

what! bertha you were asleep this whole time? i was professing my love for you, you stupid bitch!

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