075: laverne

fuck you, you grandiose piece of shit. don’t you come into my house spouting your nonsense. i took care of you, i raised you, i gave you a home and food on your plate and you repay me with this? all this … bullshit, this sense of importance, the suit and the sunglasses, the fucking … alligator leather shoes. and yet you come here expecting more, wanting more, from me, from this family. well you can’t leave and then drop by whenever you feel like you need a hug, you got it? you’ve already got your life out there in hollywood or wherever the fuck you live. you’ve got your groupies and your sense of entitlement all wrapped up in a nice pink ribbon, don’t you. think you could kick some of that our way maybe? i work two jobs to provide for this family. i work hard and i worked hard to raise you too. the least you could do is give me some goddamn money. i know you’re worried about me but i’m telling you i need that money for this house and these children, okay? all that stuff in the past … it’s gone. i’m clean, i’ve been clean for six months, i’ll go find the token if you want to see it. call my sponsor, i don’t give a shit. i’m clean and you’re still an asshole, now it’s your turn to turn your life around. the rest of us need it. desperately.

By Josh

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