070 (c6)

i don’t know what’s out there that i can use to give you the strength you need, but i will use it. i don’t know where to find the strength i will give to you, but i will look. i can’t guarantee this strength will be useful, or that my hand holding on to your hand will be beneficial, or will heal you, but i can guarantee that i will do whatever needs to be done to give you as much help as i am physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of giving. i may live like a hermit in my room, alone and in the dark, but that’s only because i am saving up and building interest on moments like this, moments where you will need my stoicism to help steer the ship, or a quiet presence to help you sleep at night, or simply a body with eyes to watch your children as you recover. these are things i am willing to give you, miles i am destined to travel if such a need should occur. fortunately, you are surrounded by a sea of love and compassion from such a variety of people that my help is not immediately necessary. but should it be, remember: i am here, quiet and calm, ready to use every fiber of my being to help.

By Josh

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