058: scavin laurence, peacekeeper ambassador (padora #5)

the inhalers will try to make you believe that they take in the worst of the lot, the liars, the cheats, the scoundrels, and rehabilitate them using prayer and good deeds. but this is a lie. it is the peacekeepers who take in the worst: the murderers, the rapists, the sodden souls begging for anything at the bottom of a muddy alleyway. our rehabilitation is work, and freedom from judgment. the peacekeepers are allied with the people of tersus; we have denied the right to join padora in death so that we may fight for her in life. we absolve ourselves of the sin of murder so that we may fight the northern invaders, or the barbarians from the east, and keep tersus and its people safe. when we die, we become one with the earth, our souls do not become the breath as padorism dictates. we are not allowed inside padoran temples, only our highest ranked soldiers speak to padoran priests and skeptics–we are not padorans, but we fight for padora and her people.

ours is a difficult path, but one that rewards you in discipline, patience, and the ability to defend the goddess and all of her worshipers.¬†we deal in the sins padora despises, using them to better the world. if you join us, your life will be difficult, and when you die you will not join padora’s breath, but you will, in effect, be able to do things here in tersus that you cannot do as a breather, nor will you be punished for doing them. of course we have our own code, our own laws, and if those are broken you will be dealt with by the peacekeeper elite. but the local guards and law enforcement of this land cannot touch you. everyone in tersus is scared of the peacekeepers, and we intend to keep it that way.

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