048: jatun desh ver'etus, padoran inhaler, first degree (padora #3)

you have spoken to andeleyekor and saw his giant telescope, yes? this is important, as for many years our people believed ourselves alone in her lungs. we huddled around campfires and lived in baked mud huts back then, and worshiped false gods or no gods at all. indeed, there were times, before we learned the truth from bazhekevel, when we were unaware we were a part of padora at all, or that the air we breathe is the same as her breath. wars were waged due to ignorance and lust for power, as we believed we were all that existed in tersus, and some strove to become the greatest of those who existed here. but some of our ancestors wondered where the air came from, and saw the curve of the world from the tops of the tallest mountains, and wondered why we constantly needed to breathe and why our hearts beat incessantly, and our curiosity was sated when bazhekevel, the being of light, descended from the heavens to grant our people the wisdom of padora’s existence. since then, we have spent many centuries exploring the sky with our telescopes and debating the philosophy of padora, and all of this, no matter how big or small, has enriched the tersusi, made us brighter, smarter, stronger, and spiritually fulfilled.

we inhalers believe in the grace of padora, and her breath of life. padora brought life to all things with her inhalation of the life force that surrounds us. we celebrate our lives and the lives of others. we believe in charity and service to those who are less fortunate. judging by your facial expression right now, i believe you have started to realize that this is a recruitment trip, haven’t you? you would not be mistaken in that assessment, which is good. you seem like a smart young woman. please understand though that the inhalers do not recruit in the ways that you think–we prefer to bring members in through living example. anyone can tell you the good deeds that they’ve done, but to see someone doing good in action, that is truly a miraculous thing to witness.

you have spoken with the skeptics first. this is not unusual, many acolytes begin the journey by choosing the skeptic’s path. and while i am here to answer any and all questions you may have, please know that my time is limited and you will eventually have to speak with the other sects before you make your decision. it is very difficult for initiates to see the good that the inhalers bring to tersus within the context of the church itself; normally our deeds are viewed outside among the people. thus, i presume you chose the skeptic’s path first because you are questioning the legitimacy of our religion in the first place. this is good. all answers will be revealed no matter which path you take. but please understand that certain paths, such as the inhalers, are here for the benefit of all people, and by aligning yourself with us, you give a tremendous gift to everyone you will help in your future.

with that, i hope you will return to us. may your breath be deep.

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