047: jess

(with earbuds in)

i’m really loving this band. have you heard them? they’re great, they just, i mean, this album just came out, i think, like, a week ago or something. my friend’s boyfriend told me about them. we were at lacey’s house drinking and he was like, “you all have to listen to this band, they’re the shit,” and he, like, bought the vinyl i guess and had, like, a turntable, a dj turntable and everything. it’s like really mellow techno, or like trance or something. really good. i don’t know if you call techno a “band” though, or a dj or whatever. i don’t know. i don’t even know, i think it’s on spotify but i don’t know what they’re called. i should shazam it or something. anyway they’re soooo good, i’ve been listening to this song all day on repeat, it’s called, like, hold on … “i want to cum on your tits.” i know right? all the songs have these gross names. oh, slick fuck, that’s the name of the band. or dj slick fuck, something like that. the song after this is called “titan tit dicks,” what the fuck does that even mean? you wanna hear it? it’s pretty good.

(she takes her earbuds out, hands them to friend. friend puts earbuds in. all we hear is loud static. she shouts over:)


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