i was on the internet the other night–what else is new–and i happened upon a comment thread about why other animals don’t kill themselves. apparently some do, dolphins, penguins, maybe horses, who knows if this is all real but regardless, suddenly i find myself watching a video of a moose sort of half-jumping, half-falling off of a ten foot or so raised platform, i think it was a parking lot or something, onto the sidewalk below. just crushing its front legs, maybe its back legs too. and it starts trying to walk, i think at this point it is terrified because it’s in the middle of the city, right, so it’s trying to get away, but its legs are broken and it’s pulling itself by its stumps, and eventually it just stops, in the middle of the streets, and sits there, and it just looks like it’s thinking, “well, i’m fucked.” just the saddest thing i’ve ever seen. apparently it had to be put down too. imagine that. you break your leg and you’re dead, and worse, you know you’re dead. you’re surrounded by all these beings you know like to hunt you in the forest, in their giant metal monsters that run quickly down the street, ready to slam into you, and you’re trying to get away and then you break your fucking leg and you’re tired from stress, so you just lay there. you lay down. you know you’re dead. you have no other options. you just lay there until they shoot a bullet into your brain. that’s the life you lived. congratulations. all because you got lost in the concrete jungle.

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