042: andeleyekor tur'etus, skeptic scribe & inventor (padora #2)

the world you see through that telescope is but a tiny fraction of the entirety of padora’s lungs; the space stretches onward to infinity. not even the most powerful telescopes devised by the smartest skeptics can see that far. the most fascinating thing is that the objects are moving, mura. you have to track them, day by day. no one knows which way they’re moving, whether padora continues to breathe inward or if she has begun exhaling, or if, perhaps, while she holds her breath the objects move. look in the telescope again, let me adjust the settings … do you see that? that orb in the sky? most are bright stars but that is not, that is some kind of celestial body. it makes us skeptics think. the great skeptic astevelin accurately measured that our world is round, and that, were we to start walking east and not stop, eventually we would return to where we started. obviously no one has tested this hypothesis yet, since anyone walking east would eventually drown in the ocean, but due to the natural curve of the world when standing atop a tall hill or mountain, i’m inclined to believe her. it’s important, mura, to understand that there are so many things in this world that are much bigger that we are, and to know our place among these things. that tree over there is taller than you. that boulder is larger. the ocean is vast. and yet all of these things are very small compared to the vastness of space that is padora’s lungs. and that orb out there, perhaps that is another world with people just like you and me on it. imagine that!

one day the grand master believes we will sail great ships into the sky and contact these other worlds. unfortunately neither i nor you will be alive to see that happen. such is life; we make our own unique discoveries, which build on the discoveries of our descendants. now. it is getting late, and you should be getting ready for bed.

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