040: padvedeshma anok'etus, padoran skeptic & theologist (padora #1)

ah, yes. this is a common question so forgive my rote recital. please, have a seat, i know your clan has traveled far. feel free to take any of the fruit in the basket. now. padora was created out of the void, which we see as nothingness but to her is something. before padora, nothing existed; after her creation, everything existed. you understand so far? good.

padora infused the void with what we call “something,” with our world and the objects within it. the earth, the trees. every star in the sky is something that came into being with her creation. if andeleyekor has not shown you his great telescope yet, please visit him after i answer your question. it truly is a marvel. through the telescope you will see that some of those stars are not stars, but celestial bodies floating in the void. each one of these is padora’s creation, and is, in essence, her. we believe that padora inhabits a body like ours, only much, much larger, and we also believe that we exist within padora’s lungs, for two reasons: one, there is so much space between us and other celestial bodies, therefore we must be in a great expanse of space, and two, because we see the effects of her breath all around us; namely in the wind itself. for an eternity padora lived without breath, but one day she took the great breath, which infused all of her creations with life. padora breathes like us, but she does not need to–her breath is a gift to us, which we thank her for every day and night with our prayers and rituals.

now, young one, go find andeleyekor before he goes to bed. perhaps he will stay up a little while longer and show you the stars with his telescope. go on!

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