i mean, if you think about it, friendship is way more important than a relationship. how long have i known my friends? ten years? some twenty years? and i’ve only been dating you for eight months. so when we get to a situation like this, should i hang out with my friends that i haven’t seen in months, friends that you don’t like to hang out with, mind you, or should i stay here and mollycoddle you, well, i kind of want to hang out with my friends. i’m happy to mollycoddle you once or twice a week. but it’s been almost every day now. no, listen, listen to me. i know you want to argue your point but right now just listen and absorb how i am feeling, okay? don’t deflect it away from you. a relationship doesn’t mean i get to carry your burdens, or vice versa. it doesn’t mean when you’re sad i have to be sad too. it’s one thing to help you through your depression, which i’m happy to do, versus be a party to your codependency, which is what i do every night. do you understand the position you’re putting me in? it’s a no-win situation. everything i do is not good enough, every step i take to protect your fragile ego is not good enough. and we’ve only been together for eight months!

i mean, shit. i’d rather just hang out with my friends. the only thing i’m missing from them is sex, and i think i’ll be alright without it. i … whew. i’m sorry i kind of went off there. i still love you, i just need you to lay off me for a bit, okay? let me hang out with my friends. i’ve known them longer than you and they help me deal with stuff like this. doesn’t mean i don’t love you, it just means i … need help. loving you.

… fuck.

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