029: chester

it’s entirely possible that these are your beans, man, i’m not disputing that, all i’m saying is that i found them here and i ate them, so it’s a little too late to ask for them back. i can try puking them up for you if you’d like, but i’m not gonna do that because those beans were all that’s left in the ruck sack and one of us has to feel good enough to get this wagon back to town. i don’t think a full belly is selfish, especially when one does not take ownership of the food which made the belly full. besides, you and i both know i’m better at directions. according to the map we’re half a mile before we reach civilization, and you need me to be awake and alert, and the only way for me to be awake and alert is to have a full belly, which is why i ate those beans. didn’t know they were your beans, just ate them. can’t fault me for that. now if you’ll excuse me, since i’m the one driving the wagon in the first place, maybe you can get in and lay down for a spell while i get us to the next town. then i promise you i will buy you a big steak dinner, mashed potatoes, all the fixin’s. does that sound good to you?

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