025: lucifer, in disguise

how many times have you felt defeated?
when you feel defeated, what do you do?
do you wallow in your own defeat,
or do you rise up and become stronger than before?
you have the look of a child
who learned too much too early on in life.
your eyes carry weariness like so many scars
whipped across the back of a slave.
this is what your people gave you,
what your family gave you.
and i am here to give you something better,
to show you the world you deserve,
not the defeat you expect.
everyone around you has failed you, used you,
kept you from achieving the greatness
slowly ripping apart the seams
meant to keep it in.
you are given rules and regulations,
things people with power give you
to keep you in line, but the truth is,
the truth,
you are the line. you are the rules.
you are what you want to become,
you already have it in you,
and all you need is me, here, to give you that extra push.
christ said the meek shall inherit the earth,
but he never said what they would become
once they inherited it.
funny, marx knew that answer nearly two-thousand years later.
don’t deny your brilliance in a world meant to dull you.
become the oppressor.
find your power.
take it.
join me.
the world revolves around the master and the apprentice.
the world revolves around us.

By Josh

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