020: psychic

it’s entirely within you. it’s all within you. the light, the darkness, the gray in between, it’s encompasses your entire being. i see it in your eyes, i see the churning of colors, of lights, i expect your future and secret your dreams. when you sleep i watch your spirit rise from your corporeal body and drift lazily about the room, searching for something. what is it searching for? what is out there that is so important for it, that it removes itself from you, or you remove yourself from it, your body. what are you searching for?

when you wake your eyes go from cloudy to clear. you touch your fingertips to your temples, two spots revered for reasons unknown, acknowledged with their own name. you rub your fingers in a clockwise circle on your temples, you massage your temples, to re-create the connection between your soul and your body, like a spark starting an engine. and then you proceed about your day, never realizing that for hours in the dark you roamed around your house in an ethereal form, passing through walls, hovering over your children, your wife, this blue melancholic light slowly flowing from within you. what are you searching for? and what will you do once you find it?

i have said my peace already. it’s entirely within you, not the thing you want, but the tools to find it, but you will only find it when your spirit and your body work together, and understand each other. one morning you will wake up and not feel the need to massage your temples. that is the day you will find what you are looking for. be conscious of yourself, and you will sleep soundly.

By Josh

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