012: captain louis caldwell, terran galactic alliance

civilization hinges on this moment, ladies and gentlemen. you are humanity’s last hope, the one final chance we have to save whatever we can. we’ve got four lifers in orbit above earth and roughly twenty minutes to get them from here to sun for departure. if any one of those ships goes down, we lose a fourth of the human race, do you understand me? we cannot afford to lose those ships. in the middle will be the a-ring, that is also of utmost importance. without it, the ships can’t get out of the system. twelve capital ships will also be defending the lifers, and two–the abraham and the cygnus, will be running a skeleton crew to hit the enemy when they jump in. those ships are loaded to the brim with nuclear warheads, and the hope is when the buggers arrive they’ll attack and blow half of their own fleet away. i want you all to understand right here and now that there are twenty men and women aboard the abraham, and fifteen on the cygnus, and those people are going to die with those ships. that was their prerogative, and everyone in the terran galactic alliance is in awe of their bravery. but you are also brave, and you will be the surgical strike defense that we will need during every second of the time between leaving earth and reaching the sun. we’re going like this: alpha and beta, your squadrons will primarily focus on defense of the lifeships. gamma, your squad circles the a-ring. delta and epsilon, you are tasked with taking our enemy bombers. we are anticipating a shitload of bombers. chi, rho, and sigma, you’re reinforcements. omega is working on a special project, as always.

ladies and gentlemen, we are go in t-minus two hours and counting. every single person in the galactic military has someone they know up in those ships, and if you don’t, pretend like you do. we want everyone alive at the end of the day, am i clear? good. your squadron leaders will have more specific instructions. the alliance thanks each and every one of you for your service. we’ll see you at alpha centauri. dismissed.

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