my vanilla ice dream

I’m at a mall, or a mall-looking place, with a large group of people, like thousands of people. Simon Pegg is with me. We’re best buds. And Vanilla Ice is there, too. We’re all sitting down, and there’s the mall radio playing music. Nobody is paying attention to Vanilla Ice or anyone else, really.

Then “Ice Ice Baby” comes on the radio, and suddenly everyone seems to notice Mr. Ice. He stands and does this twist as he stands, showing the back of his red jacket, which reads, “Vanilla Ice” in white letters. He starts to rap (lip sync?) and moves around the crowd, and everyone is putting their hands all over him.

Then he comes to us, and me and a small group put our hands on his chest and move them up somewhat sensually to his shoulders. He leans back during this, and I, for whatever reason, put my hands up and on his face. He’s all sweaty, and then he’s gone, and I, jokingly, gesture like I’m licking his sweat off of my palms, but somehow I misjudge the distance of my hand to my face, or it gets bumped, or something, and I actually lick some of the sweat off. It’s very salty and I feel grossed out.

And then I woke up.

By Josh

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