a theatrical rant

I was cast in the Ensemble for a production of Romeo & Juliet by a theatre company. This show goes up in August, I was cast a month or two ago, and I have since dropped out because I want to use up my vacation time before I go back to school. Plus it’s summer and summer demands vacations.

This theatre company has a Tumblr account, and I am following it, and every day or so now since the production has begun, they post pictures and videos or the rehearsal process.

Now, I love theatre, and I have run away from it for about two years now because of various reasons, mostly concerning a rabid insecurity attack that left me unable to conjure up the confidence to do anything besides eat cheeseburgers (and even then, I felt awkward going up to the person at the counter, who quite clearly knew who I was by this point, as I had been coming in on a regular basis), but who in Christ’s name wants to watch a video of a rehearsal?! Is this where theatre is headed? People getting “behind the scenes” looks of works in progress?

I’ve been in a lot of shows, and nothing is more boring and annoying than rehearsals. Sure, a lot of great stuff comes out of it, but it’s not audience stuff. It’s character progression, finding subtext, and, you know, boring shit like blocking and memorizing lines, learning to speak clearly and loudly. Who cares about that stuff besides an actor and a director?

I have no beef with this theatre company. They’re young and professional and really great people, and I wish that my schedule could’ve allowed for me to take a week off in August while still being in the show, but it just bugs me, this multimedia experience for theatre. I really don’t think people want to see rehearsals. I think they like watching DVD behind the scenes quick shots of people setting up cameras and shit because it’s quick, and there’s technology involved. But a rehearsal? Nobody cares. It’s not like the viewer is going to get anything out of a stumble through. Nobody in their clear mind should be subjected to watching a stumble through. They’re painful for everyone involved.

Anyway. Just wanted to say that.

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