750words excerpt of the day

“Uta Hagen! I was thinking about her a lot lately. Specifically her name. And how if people are trying to get her attention they shout, “UTA! UTA! UTAUTAUTA! UTA HAGEN! HEY UTA! UTA HAGEN! UTA! UTA TAKE YOUR HEADPHONES OFF! UTA UTA UTA UTA! GODDAMN IT YOU ARE A FAST JOGGER!” Imagine that, trying to flag down Uta Hagen during her morning jog. UTA! UTA I HAVE AN IDEA — UTA! MY STANISLAVSKI PAPER IS DONE UTA! UTA HAGEN! UTA HAAAAAGEN! WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO, BLACK METAL?! SLOW DOWN! UTA! UTA HAGEN! UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA UTA HAGEN! CHRIST ON A CRACKER!”

By Josh

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