“I talk about myself a lot, and this website knows that. It’s judging me right now. It’s saying, Josh, you talk a lot about yourself, don’t you? And I say Yes, I do, I’m sorry but before I can even continue it’s soothing me, putting a finger to my lips. Shhh, says, you take it easy now, have a seat on the couch. You want some water? And I say Yes and it says Okay baby, I’ll get you some water, and then it turns around and ooh, damn, you have a shapely ass, I didn’t notice your figure when I came in here. Do you work out? It shows. Vegan? I bet you’re a vegan. Look, I eat meat, but it’s cool that you don’t. We can still be friends — is that what we are? Friends? Or something more?” is great for a guy like me, who enjoys what he writes faaaar more than anyone else I know.

By Josh

I'm the guy who owns this site, ya dummy.

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