uncategorized is fun. for me. i guess.

“This thing just turned into a novella. Not really, but I am babbling. This is what I do! I babble. I stop paying attention for two seconds and when I come back I have something else on my mind. I am going to write in this thing all fucking day. That’ll show you, 750 words! I will write double, nay, TRIPLE what you expect! Unless … that’s what you’re expecting. I’m on to you,! I know what lies in your breast. Or breasts. Do you have breasts, The person who designed this site is male, but you,, the site itself, do YOU have breasts? Come on, let’s see them. Don’t mess with me! I am an important person! I have over three hundred Twitter followers! Okay so most of them are spambots but whatever! Spambots find ME important enough to spam! How many spambots do YOU have,”

The best part is that it’s private! You’ll never get to read the things I write! I am laughing right now! A big belly laugh!

By Josh

I'm the guy who owns this site, ya dummy.

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