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06/04/2016 - Writing, Game Review: DOOM

05/22/2016 - Writing, Short Fiction: The First ReHuman

05/21/2016 - Writing, Short Fiction: The Purpose of Life

05/12/2016 - Music: Here Lies Laika - s/t

05/09/2016 - Writing, Essay: An Essay Discussing Why Video Game Movies Are a Fundamentally Bad Idea

05/03/2016 - Writing, Dramatic: Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part III

04/29/2016 - Writing, Dramatic: Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part I; Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part II

01/07/2016 - Project: Every Park in Portland

10/14/2015 - Writing, Dramatic: 365 Monologues

About Me
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Well, my name is Josh, but you probably already gathered that on account of the title of the website. I was born on May 12th, 1983 in a town called Nampa in a state called Idaho. I pretty much stayed put in Idaho, going to high school in Nampa and receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Boise State University, in May of 2008. In between that time the only other place I lived was a brief stint in Auburn, NY, during the summer of 2005, where I was a production assistant and stagehand for the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, a summerstock musical theater nestled up against the Fingerlakes.

After graduating from Boise State, I attempted to find work in town during the "Great Recession," which proved fruitless. My oldest brother Russ, who was living in Portland, OR, urged me to move there as well, and so I did, at the end of the summer of 2008. I worked for three years in the office of a medical marijuana clinic, which is funny because I don't really smoke pot. But the pay was good and my coworkers were fun to watch because they were stoned most of the time.

I then went to graduate school at Portland State University, from which I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Theatre. I now reside in Portland with my trusty sidecat Jowers and a comfy job as a legal assistant by day, creatitian by night.

I have had a personal website for the better part of 20 years now. (My first was on Netscape! Whew, time flies.) It's a collection of writing, music, and other projects I've worked on over the years. This is such a 1999 thing to say but please bookmark it on your favorite web browser of choice, because I add stuff all the time. Alright enjoy!

Creative Commons License everything written on this page, unless otherwise noted, is licensed by josh belville through creative commons. click the image to the left for more information.