| June 6, 2002 01:49 PM - DAMN!

Who couldn't see my new webpage layout? I wish I had comments now, but if you could OR you couldn't, uh, sign the guestbook and tell me what the problem/lack of problem was. Thanks. Also, if you use other kinds of browsers, i.e. Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, or whatever, please let me know what happened. This sucks, because my Legend of Zelda layout is the coolest thing ever.

| June 2, 2002 01:31 AM - WHICHI BAABA

All right, I've got good news, and I've got ... well, no, I've just got that good news.

Firstly, I'm working on a new layout. I know what you're all saying. You're saying, "But Zornog! I love this layout so much it makes my gonads bleed and my soul depart unto the world of the brown bears, not the grizzly bears because this world is just small enough to house brown bears and not grizzly bears!" Well I like this layout too, but it's been up long enough. I spent eight long years trying to make a Megaman layout, but it was for naught.

But now ... well, I got a cool layout, I think, and I hope you'll like it, when I unveil it.

The other bit of news isn't really news, but a link of a band from Japan, called Missile Girl Scoot, which I think is really good. This is probably one of my favorite songs of theirs:

Missile Girl Scoot - 411

So download that and be merry. Meanwhile, wait for the next layout! OOOOHHH WITH BAITED BREATH!

| May 31, 2002 03:43 PM - Movable Type is cool

I backlogged all of my Super Luigi World comics, so now it's all streamlined and junk. Still getting the feel of the ol' MT though, especially in the comments section, which doesn't want to work for me for some reason. Maybe it's my horrendous odor.

Anyway, SLW comes back this Monday, but I have my Birthday comic up (which, of course, I made a long time ago). The storyline will start right from the last comic.

Meanwhile, I need to get a job.